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We work hard to respond to your questions and comments in a timely fashion. Below, we have listed key contacts. Please feel free to contact anyone on this list directly by email, telephone or snail mail.

Head Office

6 Garamond Court, Suite 275
North York, Ontario M3C 1Z5 Canada
Tel.: (416) 447-JUDO (5836)
Fax: (416) 449-JUDO (5836)
General Inquiries:

For 24/7 toll free:
1 866 553-JUDO (5836)

Office Staff

Pedro Guedes, Technical Coach & Director

Tel.: (416) 447-JUDO (5836)
Fax: (416) 449-JUDO (5836)

2013-2014 Judo Ontario Executive

Brian Kalsen

Tel.: (613) 852-2206 - Mobile

Vice President, Administration
Mitchell Kawasaki

Tel.: (905) 522-9199 - Home

Vice President, Finance
Rudy Fischer

Tel.: (905) 862-3795 - Home

Vice President, Marketing and Promotions
Chris Brown

Tel.: (519) 620-4264 - Home

Vice President, Competitions
Dave Robb

Tel.: (519) 821-7931 - Home

Vice President, Operations
Doug Wilson

Tel.: (905) 895-9014 - Home

Vice President, Technical
Aartje Sheffield

Tel.: (416) 409-3114 - Mobile

Director, Judo Canada
Kevin Doherty

Tel.: (905) 447-6825 - Office

Vice President, Regions
Steve Campbell

Tel.: (905) 425-1790







Regional Contact List

Central West Region - Lloyd Larson

East Region - June Takahashi

North Region - N/A

SouthWest Region - Gavin Blake

Central East Region - Steve Campbell

Northwest Region - N/A